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The dangers of Methane

Methane Myth Busted?


In a recent video circulating online, a fervent debunking of climate change alarmism has emerged, challenging the narrative surrounding methane emissions and their purported catastrophic impact on global warming. Climate Scientist Paul Burgess, armed with scientific references, dismantles popular misconceptions, asserting that methane, often vilified as a significant contributor to climate change, holds negligible sway in the grand scheme of planetary warming.

The video begins with an endearing scene of a newborn American buffalo, setting the stage for a discourse that ultimately demystifies the fearmongering surrounding methane emissions. The presenter wastes no time in delving into the crux of the matter: the purported threat posed by methane and the alarmism propagated by environmental narratives.



Dismissing the notion of methane as a doomsday catalyst, the presenter embarks on a scientific exposition, elucidating the intricacies of greenhouse gas dynamics. Drawing upon the work of esteemed scientists, Frank Garten and William Happer, the presenter elucidates how greenhouse gases, including methane and carbon dioxide, interact with infrared radiation emitted by the Earth.

Using accessible language and visuals, the presenter navigates through the complexities of molecular absorption spectra, illustrating how greenhouse gases selectively trap infrared radiation within specific frequency bands. Contrary to popular belief, the presenter argues that methane's efficacy in trapping heat is grossly overstated, with its impact diminishing rapidly as concentrations increase.


Employing empirical evidence from satellite measurements, the presenter debunks the exaggerated claims surrounding methane's potency, showcasing how its actual contribution to atmospheric warming is minuscule. Furthermore, the presenter challenges the notion of methane as a significant driver of climate change, asserting that its transient nature and limited absorption capacity render it inconsequential in the broader climate equation.

Throughout the presentation, the presenter advocates for a rational examination of scientific evidence, urging viewers to question prevailing narratives and challenge assertions made by climate alarmists. By demystifying the science behind methane emissions, the presenter aims to empower individuals to critically evaluate environmental discourse and dispel unfounded fears.

In conclusion, the video serves as a clarion call for scientific literacy and critical thinking in navigating complex environmental issues. By unraveling the myth of methane's catastrophic impact, the presenter instills a sense of rationality and perspective in the ongoing climate debate, urging stakeholders to prioritize evidence-based solutions over alarmist rhetoric.


Climate Scientist Paul Burgess has been a frequent guest on the GB News TV channel defending the position that "climate change alarmism" is not founded on real science. He backs this claims with scientific evidence from multiple sources, including those from NASA and the IPCC. He can be seen debating Jim Dale on a number of other climate topics on GB News <here>


Published: 15-02-2024

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