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About us

OGV Energy is the leading engagement platform for the energy sector, focused on delivering industry news, events, digital media and recruitment solutions. It is our mission to facilitate improved engagement and communication for the Energy sector through utilising our multiple platforms. Our printed publications comprise of OGV magazine and OGV Jobs newspaper. Meanwhile our digital engagement is driven by OGV News, OGV Events, OGV TV and OGV Jobs Board.

The OGV Energy website is a real time hub of information for the Energy sector focused on industry News, Events and Recruitment Solutions for the industry. Our increasing monthly traffic is currently circa 400,000 unique visitors per month.

The OGV online news board is dedicated to bringing you the latest updates from the global Energy sector and is updated daily by our team of experts.

We encourage businesses within the Energy sector to engage with us across our multiple platforms to experience the value and return on investment that OGV Energy can bring, delivering your value propositions directly to your target audience.