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Re-Gen Robotics sees an uplift in demand for robotic tank cleaning

Re-Gen Robotics sees an uplift in demand for robotic tank cleaning


While service providers across the Oil & Gas Industry are bracing themselves for another year of challenge and uncertainty, Re-Gen Robotics Managing Director, Fintan Duffy is continuing to see a surge in demand for his robotic tank cleaning services.

Ensuring sound working practices is our highest priority at Re-Gen Robotics, to strive to protect people and the environment. Our technological innovations and new ways of thinking are all revolutionising the approach we are taking to eliminate accidents, harm to people and to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Re-Gen Robotics tank cleaning systems solve all the problems of safety, manpower, time and effective utilisation of resources connected with cleaning of oil tanks. Productivity is enhanced and tanks can be brought into operation again more quickly.

We hear that ‘in some circumstances’ manned entry to a tank is necessary. The crew will physically scrub the contaminants from the surface of the tank to ensure it is adequately cleaned. In 2021 this is seriously unnecessary, our robots are explosion proof, complete cleans at over twice the speed of a manual crew and if a tank clean has to be urgently turned around, we can simply put two robots in a tank, further reducing cleaning time and without any of the risks.

Thanks to our highly standardised and self-contained operation process, the cleaning schedule is very precise, allowing clients to reasonably estimate the amount of time needed for cleaning any given tank. There are clear advantages for tank terminals; fixed costs, reduced paperwork and permits, and no requirement for capital outlay, standby rescue teams or inhouse robot operators. But primarily, the operation is 100% no man entry, so it’s much safer.

Our unique, closed loop cleaning system can reduce cleaning time by up to 45%, significantly decreasing downtime and loss of production whilst oil tanks are not operational. Using a fully contained waste removal and a 360-degree cleaning process, the waste material is transported off site using an ADR tanker and safely treated in an authorised, licensed facility.

The entire tank cleaning operation is recorded on CCTV from the ATEX cameras and is made available to the client upon completion of the works. All files are date and time stamped to ensure the process is traceable for auditing purposes.

A record of gas detection readings is also issued on completion of each vessel cleaning, produced by the onboard gas monitoring equipment. The intelligent onboard truck telemetry system gives us the opportunity to collect data that can then be aggregated and analysed in order to optimise the process. The combination unit provides real time information on all key parameters and is accessible to clients.

Our technology has continued to evolve at an incredible rate, leading to investment in a further two robots this year and new auxiliary equipment, to expand our solutions further and meet growing demand.

Recent product innovation includes an offset suction head to clean under water suction pipes around the external diameter of tanks. The offset suction head is a low-profile tool, to access under pipes and has the ability to remove waste from below floor level as well as the ability to operate offset on the left, right and straight-ahead positions. This tool alone has decreased tank cleaning time by 10-12%.

A 360-degree full coverage washing head, was developed with the capability to wash the walls and the roof of tanks and affords faster turnaround times by 10% on floating roof tanks, where roof washing is included in the scope of works on tank cleans.

The innovations we are developing are based on existing and evolving customer needs, we’ve set a new bar in safety processes and are receiving excellent client feedback on service, quality and delivery. When it comes to high hazard safety, nothing should be left to chance, at Re-Gen Robotics, we’re providing a realistic and proven alternative to ‘man entry’ tank cleaning.

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Published: 10-03-2021

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