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JBS Group’s Sea Axe: a smart approach for subsea excavation

JBS Group’s Sea Axe: a smart approach for subsea excavation


JBS Group, established in the market as a provider of innovative solutions, has experienced a rise in global demand for its Sea Axe controlled flow subsea excavation technology – a testament to the solution’s award-winning status.

The environmentally-friendly system stands out for its compact design, small deck footprint – 8m x 10m – and safe deployment from a vessel’s A-frame or crane.

The innovation works through facilitating natural erosion of the seabed and is therefore the most environmentally acceptable method available for subsea excavation. Natural erosion significantly reduces the impact on the ecological environment.

Alex Whyte, operations director, JBS Group, said: “Clients are looking for a smarter approach, one that also takes the environment into account. This is why we have seen a significant surge in demand for our patented Sea Axe CFE technology, not just for UK projects but international ones as well.

“We are on track for substantial growth as our relationships with clients develop and they gain a deeper understanding of how we can help to optimise their operations.”

Sea Axe CFE in action: proven technology

Sea Axe, utilised in major projects such as pipeline de-burial in Australia and the 475-mile HVDC interconnector programme between Denmark and the UK, has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness and versatility. Its deployment for a recent North Sea decommissioning project further underscores its wide-ranging capabilities.

Crucially, Sea Axe’s design aligns with the increasing emphasis on sustainable practices in offshore operations. Its ability to operate efficiently in various environments, from shallow coastal regions to deeper waters, makes it a sought-after choice in seabed intervention projects across the globe.

Seabed intervention: a rising imperative

Pipelines traversing long distances over rough seabed terrain require significant preparatory work to ensure stability and prevent issues like spanning or overstressing. Sea Axe is instrumental in these interventions, offering a solution that combines efficiency with environmental consideration.

Design and environmental benefits

One of Sea Axe’s distinguishing features is its smart design. Sea Axe is easily adaptable and can excavate a wide range of seabed materials up to 200kPa shear strength using in-built auxiliary jets. It can remain in the water for up to 72 hours and requires minimal maintenance. Sea Axe’s subsea trenching capabilities have evolved from the traditional mass flow excavation subsea technology.

Applications in diverse markets

Sea Axe has been applied in several high-profile projects, including harbour expansion projects in Scotland. It’s suitable for use in both shallow and deepwater areas, proving its effectiveness in different geographical and climatic conditions. The technology’s ability to work in non-cohesive soils and soft clays, even in extreme environments, makes it a go-to choice for offshore projects around the world. Sea Axe is available for lease and sale, complete with a full complement of experienced operational personnel available 24/7 to support operations globally.

Project capability: How Sea Axe support operations

Subsea trenching; Pipeline excavation and de-burial; Subsea engineering; Controlled/mass flow excavation; Subsea dredging; Freespan correction and Seabed rectification; Access to subsea structures; Windfarm cable array and export trenching / deburial; Cable joint burial / IRM; Jack-up leg / Spud can clearance; Harbour / pontoon seabed clearance; UXO de-burial / access; Cable and Pipeline Route Clearance; Umbilical & Flowline Trenching and de-burial; Salvage de-burial / access; Access to subsea structures / IRM / Decommissioning; Subsea cable location and recovery; umbilical / Pipeline recovery; Rock dump dispersal; Subsea pipeline and Cable Installation.

Market overview: Oil & gas; marine; defence; renewable energy; ports & terminals; industrial and utilities.

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Published: 06-02-2024

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