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"Opportinities In" OGV Event - ASIA Pacific

Over the coming months OGV Energy will be exploring different geographical regions of the Energy industry and bringing you expert analysis and insight into what these opportunities are and how your company can capitalise on them. The energy sector is in the midst of one of the largest transitions in its history and with change comes great opportunity, so make sure your company hear from our experts to ensure you have the best information at your fingertips. For our first event, we will be exploring the expansive range of opportunities that can be found in the APAC region. With help from our expert team of speakers, we will be holding a panel session that will provide an overview of the market and exploring what the future looks like for the Energy sector in this part of the world. The Asia Pacific region is home to massive 4.3 billion people and has the fastest growing demand for Energy in the world. With the overall Energy demand in Southeast Asia growing by over 80% since 2000, according to the IEA, this represents huge opportunities for companies looking to expand and diversify.