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XOCEAN - Delivering carbon-neutral, economic, safe and quality ocean data to the world’s largest companies

XOCEAN - Delivering carbon-neutral, economic, safe and quality ocean data to the world’s largest companies


Using Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs), XOCEAN provides turnkey ocean data collection services ranging from mapping the seabed to inspecting subsea structures and monitoring the environment. XOCEAN’s USVs offer significant benefits including safety with operators remaining onshore, efficiency with 24/7 operations and environmental with ultra-low emissions which together leads to significant economic savings.

XOCEAN works with an extensive range of customers across many sectors, however what they all have in common is the ambition to reduce carbon emissions and improve marine safety. The three key benefits that XOCEAN provide; safety, environment, and economics align closely with the core objectives and requirements of their clients. Traditional energy is quickly shifting toward more sustainable solutions. The ocean economy is growing at a remarkable pace, with the OECD predicting it to have doubled to $3 trillion by 2030. XOCEAN’s vision of a green future is one where innovative marine companies work together to gather and deliver ocean data that is both low-risk and low-carbon.

Rather than using conventional ships with a full crew, XOCEAN has developed a technology called the XO-450 Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). The vessel is the size of an average car and half the weight. Travelling out to sea, the vessel collects data from the marine environment while emitting just 0.1% of the carbon of traditional ocean vessels. XOCEAN offset all carbon emissions, and as a result they deliver carbon neutral data to their clients. In 2021 the team displaced the emission of over 22,000 tonnes of carbon, with a stated corporate objective to displace one million tonnes over the next five years. This target is grounded in XOCEAN’s ambitious plans to increase business with scale and pace globally in the coming years.

In addition to substantial reductions in environmental impacts of operations, XOCEAN’s unique technology delivers data to clients at a lower cost and eliminates safety risks for crews. As the XO-450 is satellite controlled, this allows pilots and surveyors to work from anywhere, including their own homes.

Comprehensive, reliable data enables companies to make informed decisions, manage their operations responsibly, and carry out work with minimal impact to the environment. With over 120 projects delivered and over 45,000 operational hours completed, XOCEAN is championing the growth of the green ocean economy by collecting data in a new and more sustainable way.

XOCEAN CEO James Ives said, “An offshore wind farm requires data throughout its 30-year lifespan, from detailed surveys during the development and construction phases through to routine integrity inspections during 25 years of operation and final surveys during decommissioning. Traditionally, this data has been acquired using conventional survey vessels. However, we are seeing strong demand from customers for USVs to perform the same task, delivering a safer, low carbon and lower cost solution. In the past year, we have successfully delivered over 50 missions across Europe, North America, and Asia, including 26 Offshore Wind surveys for new and existing clients such as SSE Renewables and Ørsted.”

XOCEAN are unique in the data collection sector: instead of selling technology to marine companies, they operate the technology in-house, making them an ocean data as a service business.

“A typical example of a project for XOCEAN would be a recent Offshore Wind Farm site investigation survey. The XO-450 USV was launched from shore, transiting over 120km to the survey location. The USV completed the survey activities in site conditions of up to 2.5m wave heights, providing accurate and high-resolution seabed data from both Multibeam Echosounder and Sub-Bottom Profiler sensors.”

XOCEAN’s fleet of uncrewed vessels is on track to double in 2022 as they continue to push the boundaries of the technology to meet growing industry demand.

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Published: 14-06-2022

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