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Spectis Robotics successful ROV deployment for offshore wind farm inspection

Spectis Robotics successful ROV deployment for offshore wind farm inspection


Spectis Robotics were challenged to provide a solution for a complex inspection task. It required the inspection of four capped, and flooded, 650mm diameter HDPE landfall ducts. Landfall ducts are used as a conduit for cables and pipework between land and offshore locations, particularly for the offshore wind sector. A combination of trenches and bored channels are lined with plastic or steel pipework, which are sealed with caps until required for use.

Each duct extended up to 700 metres from the shore, and each contained messenger wires, which would complicate traditional crawler-based inspection. As a specialist inspection equipment supplier, and authorised distributor of Deep Trekker equipment, Spectis Robotics mobilised the DTG3 underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for this demanding application. Deep Trekker ROVs are routinely used for submerged inspections, although this specific case was interesting in that it was conducted over a distance of 700 metres.

Spectis Robotics have had a number of enquiries relating to the inspection of these ducts, primarily to verify cleanliness and unobstructed path prior to pull-in operations.

Spectis Robotics mobilised the Deep Trekker G3 underwater ROV with a neutrally buoyant 700m tether. The ducts were successfully and safely inspected. The DTG3 4K video recording equipment provided excellent quality high-definition video and still images. Some anomalies were clearly identified and recorded during the course of the inspections, allowing remedial action to be planned and efficiently executed.

The G3 is a small, powerful, battery powered ROV with 4K video camera and floodlighting. Video and stills are recorded onto the handheld controller. This handheld controller can also be connected to an additional external video screen if required, or video can be streamed from the onboard ethernet port. Options for the G3 include sonar, manipulator, water/sediment samplers, underwater GPS, UT thickness measurement, cutters and more!

The G3 can be used with minimal training and is ready for deployment out of the box in less than 5 minutes. Missions of up to 8 hours continuous use can be achieved thanks to the innovative trickle-charging system, which allows additional power to be sent through the lightweight tether to supplement the onboard batteries.

Deep Trekker underwater ROVs provide an easy, efficient and safe inspection tool for a variety of offshore structures including, sea chests, ballast tanks, moorings, risers and legs. Risk management is always a top priority, Deep Trekker equipment conducts remote inspection operations efficiently while providing for operator safety.

Spectis Robotics offer a wide range of robotic inspection systems, including world-leading ROVs, robotic crawlers, camera systems and retrieval tools for both sale and rental. Contact us on 01224 701444 or email sales@spectisrobotics.com for more information.

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Published: 27-05-2021

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