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Shore to ship to shore voyage planning solutions for the energy market

Shore to ship to shore voyage planning solutions for the energy market

By Barry Booth, Chief Commercial Officer, Seall


Seall can make planning your next voyage easy. By applying technological innovation, Seall aims to simplify, streamline, and improve the way data is displayed, used, and shared in the marine industry.

Seall was formed in response to the ECDIS 2012 mandate that large passenger liners, tankers, and cargo ships will be obliged to fit the automated navigation system on a rolling timetable. Off the back of this new mandate, Seall’s vision was to make technology in the marine industry more accessible, driving efficiency and safety improvements in return. Now, Seall is ready to penetrate the oil and gas market, with a new appetite from the energy industry to embrace new technologies that make processes quicker, easier, and safer, Seall’s expert solutions can be streamlined and adapted to these new markets.

Seall has built a global brand whilst based in the UK, building bespoke solutions for the challenges and pain-points of the maritime industry, with the technical expertise to resolve these.

To date, Seall is now powering over 36,000 licensed marine products globally, an increase of10,000 over the past 12 months.

Seall offers simple, intuitive solutions that improve safety and efficiencies at sea, whilst remaining affordable. By enabling a significant level of integration, this allows mariners to connect shore to ship to shore, and benefit from the enhanced visibility this brings. It allows the route to be monitored by your onshore team easily and efficiently, increasing safety provisions and allowing enhanced communication between mariners.

The ENC KERNAL SDK is described as the best technical solution in its field.

The ECDIS solution has been designed with the end-user in mind and is one of the simplest ECDIS systems to operate on the market. ECDIS is a paperless solution which means all the information is processed and displayed in realtime, all the necessary navigational information is available at a glance and alarms are in place to indicate and highlight dangers. The ENC KERNAL SDK is described as the best technical solution in its field. This solution allows the loading and display of a multitude of maritime chart formats as well as overlaying this with other vector information such as weather, piracy, and mobile drilling rigs. The newest software solution from Seall is the ‘TAB’, which is a safe, smart, reliable, and portable navigation tablet providing high-performance visualisation and data navigation for voyages. One of their most timely and effective solutions is their Passage Planner, due to the ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station and ADMIRALTY gateway which began a phased retirement of the products on the 29 January 2021. Seall’s Passage Planner solution can be implemented quickly and efficiently. It is an accurate and effective tool that enables mariners to communicate from onshore, and access up-to-date information to ensure safety at sea.

Seall is equipped and prepared to integrate its systems into the offshore industry to help create enhanced safety and automation. Using precise digital technologies as an aid in a meaningful way, Seall believes oil and gas companies could adopt new tools to improve data models, to assist in enhancing safety and streamline operations without the employees using it being overly reliant on brand-new technology or being overwhelmed.

To ensure the technology is advanced and can be continuously adapted to new industries, Seall has designed and developed all their products internally within their team of software specialists. Using expertise from experience across the maritime and I.T industries, Seall’s systems are some of the most advanced available in the marine industry, as well as among the most competitively priced on the market. The cost-effective products can be installed quickly and are easy to use, minimising training times and simplifying your experience with the software, allowing employees to become familiar with the new processes quickly.

Barry Booth, Chief Commercial Officer of Seall said:

“Our tried and tested industry and software knowledge means we can partner with you to tailor or create the best-fit technology solution, delivering real competitive advantage to your current portfolio.

Our expertise on streamlining processes and enhancing system capabilities means that we can help you achieve business growth and profit-related targets, as well as improving and simplifying the way data is used and shared within your industry.

We are well connected and accessible. We can provide support globally alongside our distributor and installation partner network. To continue to support our customers through a new way of doing things or significant changes in technology, Seall offers comprehensive CBT Training compliant to the IMO training requirements.”

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Published: 01-04-2021

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