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Remove the hazard or remove the person?

Remove the hazard or remove the person?


Removing a hazard is the primary method for reducing risk. If a tank or vessel needs to be inspected it is commonplace to remove harmful gases by purging or ventilating, to add lighting, build access platforms, along with many other mitigations and control measures. All of these measures need to be in place to protect the people completing the work in confined or difficult to access spaces.

Spectis Robotics are passionate about remote inspection technologies, and believe that removing inspection personnel from hazardous locations and environments can often be easier, cost effective and safer than removing the hazards.

Case Study: Sediment (carried over during bunkering water from supply vessels) accumulates in water storage tanks in offshore platforms, and may affect water quality if significant quantities are present. In order to remove sediment, the tanks have to be drained and personnel enter the tanks (under a confined space work permit) and manually remove the sediment. In response to a customer enquiry, Spectis developed the Self-Contained Underwater Vacuum Accessory (SCUVA) to aid in the recovery of sediment from potable water storage tanks. A powerful pump on board the SCUVA draws sediment through a fine mesh filter, which retains the sediment within the body of the SCUVA for disposal once the SCUVA has been retrieved.

The SCUVA is deployed by the Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV through a maintenance hatch in the top of the water tank, removing the need for any personnel entry, or draining of the tank.

Please contact Spectis Robotics for more information on remote inspection equipment, including the Deep Trekker DTG3 and the SCUVA: 01224-701444,

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Published: 16-12-2021

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