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DQ Offshore - Making business intelligence central to sales growth

DQ Offshore - Making business intelligence central to sales growth

By Quintin Milne - Managing Director - DQ Offshore


As the world comes out of the global pandemic, the Energy sector supply chain needs to ensure that it is optimising every resource to ensure survival and lay the foundations for tangible growth. The role of an organisations’ sales function and its capability to harness leads and generate valuable tender opportunities has never been greater.

The advent of global data management companies that use algorithms to mine the internet for ‘key words’ and pass on well organised publicly accessible information is useful to some extent, but clearly the more companies that have access to this tool, the less useful the information becomes. Information is far more accessible from larger operators via these sources within the Oil and Gas industry, so ‘DQ Intel’ differentiates its offering with a focus on independent operators and niche geographical areas that can produce valuable results.

Breaking from the herd

Differentiating your organisations’ sales strategy from that of your competitors is becoming increasingly important and this is why DQ Offshore’s business database ‘DQ Intel’ has worked so well for its client base, as it utilises a team of industry experts to qualify sales opportunities for its customers and uploads the information to its GDPR compliant database as soon as the information is qualified, ensuring its clients are notified in a timely manner.

Managing Director of DQ Offshore, Quintin Milne, said: “We supply qualified project data for upcoming Oil and Gas contracts far in advance of their tendering phases, ensuring our clients are able to benefit immediately. All of our leads are generated from personal interactions with the supply chain and verified by our research team, ensuring they are authenticated in an appropriate manner”.

The cost of attending global events within the Energy sector is not insignificant and an organisation’s budget will only stretch so far, so it is reassuring to know that the DQ Offshore team are able to leverage their network at these events and provide the key data to their customers quickly, eliminating the requirement for travel costs, accommodation and event fees.

Commercial flexibility

In addition to the DQ Intel database tool, DQ Offshore offer a full business development package that can be tailored to its customers’ requirements.

Market Intelligence

Using the business growth database ‘DQ Intel’ to work with the business development team and execute live opportunities.

Richard Farnfield - Sales Director - Petroleum Pipe Group commented:

"DQ Offshore's database has been an integrated part of PPC’s sales process now for 2 years and already we have seen strong results. With the limited sales resources we have available, coupled with the travel difficulties faced by Covid,  it is very difficult to keep track of developments in different geographical regions. This has been particularly true in the emerging markets that Independent operators are working in, without making additional hires, we can access DQ’s information in a cost effective way and leverage the results in a very timely manner, which has helped us greatly speak to the right contact. We have been successful in a number of projects in Africa and the Caribbean as a result of working with Quintin and his team at DQ."

Business Introductions

Leveraging existing market contacts and DQ Offshore’s well-established network to open DQ Offshore’s consultancy service combines the skills of a team of business development experts with networks in different geographical regions that can not only provide their clients with lead generation, but also act as a quasi sales representatives who can attend events on your behalf or just provide you with the key information derived from it.

Clients can choose to use the DQ Intel tool on its own or combine with the consultancy service for maximum potential. The commercial model for DQ Offshore is a tailored monthly retainer which ensures it is cost effective and flexible and regular commercial reviews ensure guaranteed return on investment for their clients.

For DQ offshore, providing a flexible and tailored approach with their clients is paying dividends as Roy Greig, Vice President of Resman Wireless Reservoir Surveillance for UK & Africa has testified:

"DQ Offshore's database has only been part of our sales process for 3 months, but we are already seeing the results in lead development and new client engagement. It has been very difficult to keep track of developments in different geographical regions, especially with the Independent operators, without our sales resources spending countless hours on inefficient research, we can now access this information in a cost-effective way and leverage the results in a very timely manner, which has helped us greatly!”

With competition increasing within the energy supply chain and the world opening up again, the importance of identifying competitive advantage is key to commercial success and leveraging outsourced and cost-effective business intelligence is clearly proving popular!

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Published: 24-11-2021

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