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Cost-effective and tailored tank maintenance solutions

Cost-effective and tailored tank maintenance solutions


Re-Gen Robotics has created the demand in the industry for safe, reliable, affordable, robotic tank cleaning and monitoring solutions.

Their equipment and service have been meeting the highest safety standards and with their exclusive knowledge of robotic tank cleaning, they are developing bespoke solutions that are tailored to generate added value for their customers.

Patented Technology

In May 2021 Re-Gen Robotics was granted a UK Patent No.2585331B, ‘Zero entry sediment removal from storage tanks’, for its fully contained robotic tank cleaning solution.

The patent covers its all-in-one mobile vacuum tanker and apparatus, integrated cranage system, custom-designed external and internal adjustable hydraulic ramps, and ancillary equipment for its robots. The cranes are designed to lift the robot over bunds and into position therefore removing the need for scaffolding construction. No-man entry robots eliminate with the need to spade the tanks, which all saves time and money.

What the company is providing with their innovative technology and award-winning service, is a market leading and fully supported by a highly trained and experienced team.

The oil terminal industry has been benefiting from genuine tank cleaning safety with the entry into the market of Re-Gen Robotics in 2019. Since then, the company has established its reputation in Europe, as the ‘go to’ company for no-man entry tank cleaning solutions.

No-man entry

Previously, tank cleaning involved labourers equipped with hoses, pressure washers, shovels, and squeegees working inside filthy tanks and taking unnecessary risks to their health, safety, and their lives.

Putting people to work inside a filthy tank is not only time consuming, but it also poses avoidable peril. The task was slow, labour-intensive, dirty, and riddled with potential dangers including slips, trips, falls, oxygen deficiency and exposure to harmful materials.

Tackling head-on the increasing number of confined space deaths in the oil industry, Re-Gen Robotics has revolutionised safety and is responsible for creating a major shift in attitudes towards safety in the sector by offering clients a reliable and effective no-man entry robotic tank cleaning service.

Re-Gen Robotics patented equipment simplifies the entire tank cleaning process, and the system can be tailored to meet individual needs and timeframes.

Efficient tank cleaning, producing less waste

The entire tank cleaning system can be set up in two hours and closed loop cleaning system means the tank cleaning schedule is always very precise. Cleaning time can be reduced by between 40-60 per cent, and significantly decreases downtime and loss of production while oil tanks are not in operation.

The fully submersible robots are designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments and with the specialised access cranes, remote camera systems and engineering expertise, any size or shape of oil, gas or chemical tank can be cleaned, whether they’re tackling heavy fuel oil, crude oil, or sludge.

Each robot has an auger system capable of breaking down heavy sludge without using water, meaning that it produces less waste. It is equipped with front and rear ATEX CCTV and lighting for easy internal tank navigation and inspection. The entire robot, CCTV and lighting systems are waterproof.

The sludge is extracted by an ADR-certified jet vac tanker, with an impressive 4,800 C/m3 per hour vacuum capacity. Using high pressure, low flow jetting systems and the powerful vacuum, the heavy fuel oil tank cleaning robotic system has been designed to fit through a standard 600mm manway, using externally fitted hydraulic ramps.

The system has an offset suction head to allow meticulous cleaning underneath heating coils. The low-profile tool can access underneath pipes and remove waste from below heating coils. It can also operate offset on the left, right, and straight-ahead positions. This tool alone can decrease tank cleaning time by a remarkable 10 to 12 per cent.

Re-Gen Robotics is offering the most efficient, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly method of cleaning oil storage tanks on the market today. As the company expands into Europe and the USA its mission is to ensure that their safer and smarter method of tank cleaning is available to every terminal operator in the industry.

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Published: 21-03-2023

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