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Technology that enables EPCs to plan, execute, and commission some of the largest, most innovative, and successful projects in the Oil and Gas industry has been crucial to them remaining commercially competitive. Engaging experienced personnel, embracing new digital processes, utilizing handheld devices, all with the option of Live data-tracking, means that challenging environments, such as the North Sea, West Africa, Western Australia, Gulf of Mexico, and China, all can save time and money while increasing safety.

Many EPC companies see the vast opportunities they can achieve by implementing an overall digital strategy. No more paper chasing, improved team productivity, and super-efficient processes all have a net-result where companies deliver confidence to the customer, especially in Offshore projects where costs run much higher.

A Shining Light

Owner-operators must look at the Vendors they engage with and how they have embraced DX to increase productivity and improve risk management. CAPEX reductions have cast a shadow on Engineering and Construction businesses, with projects cancelled or rescheduled. The shining light to these darkest of situations is clear and opportune; businesses must ready themselves rather than take the risk of losing out to competitors who have aggressively sought to continue on their digital journey.

MODS Connect

MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software especially built for the challenges faced by EPCs and Operators on Brownfield projects. Joint Integrity, Materials Manager, Completions, Work Pack, SIMOPS and Progress Tracker are all contained within the MODS Connect brand. Jon Bell is MODS’ CEO:

“I’m proud of the projects we have worked on with our customers utilizing our MODS Industrial Software Solutions. It is so rewarding to be a part of a Project from planning, fabrication, and installation through to construction and commissioning for handover. We are genuinely driving Digital Transformation forward at all levels within our customers’ business. We are not just Software Solution designers; we have actual, first-hand knowledge and experience of working both onshore and offshore, decades in fact. We know how challenging an environment it can be and are sympathetic of the systems, procedures, and associated problems especially when it comes to remote offshore installations. We, at MODS, offer a unique combination of technology and domain experience to help accelerate digital adoption with our customers and partners”.

Transparency & Visibility

MODS Completions is one solution within the MODS Connect suite of software. This product ensures long delays and labor-intensive paper trails are a thing of the past. Robert O’Connor is MODS’ Completions Manager and is keen to highlight the typical pitfalls:

“The Completion phase of a platform’s build or renovations is known as a laborious process that notoriously involves some sort of postponement of project schedules or handover goals. Technical integrity can also be affected impacting budgets, time, and efficiency. When you cannot give an accurate, up-to-date picture of the Completions state, stakeholders, understandably, ask for explanations as they want transparency and visibility in their investment.

By creating a global sharing environment, and a single source of true information fed from a Completion management system (CMS), MODS Completions creates a visible and dependable integrity management system. The continuous CMS interface between the contractor and client mitigates any surprises, whilst auto-population, structured administration, and reporting from the database, gives a project its driving force from inception through to completion. Digital software such as MODS Connect offers these invaluable tools increasing clarity and accountability at every stage”.

The Connect suite of web-based software were created to be practical and functional with a contemporary interface and mobile handhelds designed to deliver instant updates and a high-acceptance rate by front-line workers. The individual products cross-populate taking efficiency, accuracy, and accountability to the highest level. These time-saving functions allow personnel to focus on other aspects of the project, such as safety, performance, and productivity.

Live Long & Prosper

Organizations involved in the management of tangible assets are focused on optimizing performance and increasing profit margins. One of the largest investments operators in the Oil and Gas sector make is in the equipment and infrastructure needed to do their job. Like anything we purchase and hold valuable, we need to look after it to ensure its wellbeing and longevity, otherwise known as Operational Excellence. By doing so, theoretically, performance and lifespan should be optimized.

Maximizing value from operations is critical for organizations and therefore, so is managing asset health. Profitability in Plant operations is intrinsically linked with asset uptime. But what is also integral to any Asset manager’s job are the challenges associated with ageing infrastructures. Material cracks, corrosion, joint integrity – you name it – it is all related to Plant equipment wear and tear. Renewing, repairing, or adjusting can involve downtime, should issues go unnoticed, the worst-case scenario is an unscheduled shutdown or turnaround and that will inevitably blow schedules and profit margins. The problem is also compounded when incremental changes are made to the asset design, making it extremely difficult to keep track of its structural integrity.

The Devil Is In The Data

With thousands of physical assets such as pipelines, plants, facilities, and equipment, all generating data, it is no surprise that legacy workflows and systems cannot keep up with demand. The vast amounts of information can lose accuracy, become difficult to manage and result in false reporting at critical moments. The full utilization of quality data provides real-time visibility into production processes; the big challenge now, is to convert the masses of siloed information into valuable and actionable data.

Dreams Become Reality

No matter the asset issue, whether it is a complex problem in your plant or a single defect in a piece of equipment, Operators are continuously searching to significantly reduce running costs of the asset’s life-cycle. The utilization of a 3D model or digital twin with the associated software answers many of these concerns. Together they assist in identifying exact specifications of where a plant defect is but also, they continuously update any changes made toward the final as-built data; the asset integrity dream becomes a reality.

MODS Reality, in fact, could be your answer! Reality is a web-based application that provides a digital twin of a facility using a high-definition point cloud environment as the building block foundation. This is then used to enhance engineering, inspection, streamline scheduling, and work execution management for maintenance and minor modifications.

Productive & Profitable

MODS is just one company successfully harnessing the power of digital technology in the Energy sector. Their collaboration with clients, flexibility in combining systems, and the full optimization of collected data has produced software solutions that are not just powerful, but practical and fit for purpose. Facility management becomes a more controllable, cost effective and safer environment for all thanks to software solutions dedicated in design for a more productive and profitable future.

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Published: 06-07-2021

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