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BENEFITS of ISO 27001 information security management

BENEFITS of ISO 27001 information security management

By Harris Simpson, Lead Auditor, QHSE Aberdeen


In the age of digitalisation and stricter regulations on data protection, ISO 27001 may now be more important than ever. We all know about ISO standards, we know the benefits that a Quality, Environmental and/or Health and Safety Management System can bring.

Attainment of these standards can bring about business improvement and allow for the gaining and retaining of customers. ISO 27001, the Information Security Management System Standard is one of the less well-known management system standards, however, it is the world’s most popular Information Security Management System Standard and possibly the most important standard in place at this time.  

ISO 27001 brings many years’ worth of best practise in information security management into one document which can align with any other ISO Management System. ISO 27001 allows for easy integration of its requirements into existing management systems just as easily as if you are implementing it as a standalone management system. QHSE Aberdeen have been working with a range of clients in a variety of industries from IT Providers to Engineering Production and Maintenance Companies, to develop, implement and maintain their information security management systems.  Our consultants have now implemented many ISO 27001 standalone systems as well as integrating the ISO 27001 requirements into current management systems for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety.

Organisations need to ensure that they are holding the data they need to operate effectively whilst balancing the legal requirements on information retention. On top of this organisations must ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the information that they store. Businesses may need to ensure that their information is confidential so they remain competitive; they need to ensure the integrity of their information to make sound business decisions; and they need to ensure their information is readily available so they can be agile. 

Digital transformation creates risks for information. Garmin was attacked in July 2020, costing a reported multimillion-dollar ransom, reputational damage, customers trust, and a loss of confidence from some of the shareholders.  Morrisons Supermarket Chain was the subject of a sizable data breach as an employee with access to large quantities of sensitive data released this information to the wider public. ISO 27001 cannot guarantee protection from cyber-attacks/data leaks, however, a management system that conforms to ISO 27001 can help mitigate the effects of these incidents and reduce the likelihood of these attacks being successful. QHSE Aberdeen will work with your organisation to identify information vulnerabilities and plug them.

QHSE Aberdeen can assist you to demonstrate conformance ISO 27001 and compliance to the legislative requirements. 

ISO 27001 can reduce the risk to your organisation in relation to information security prosecutions from the Information Commissioners Office by implementing a concrete framework which will allow you recognise and address relevant information security regulations. 

ISO 27001 may give your bottom line an added layer of protection as you will have the evidence to demonstrate that you have taken the steps necessary to ensure the security of your information.  

ISO 27001 demonstrates to new and existing customers the commitment your organisation has placed to ensure the security of one of their most important assets, “their information”. As businesses become concerned by the risks associated with poor management of information, ISO 27001 becomes more important.  In the past, Information could be secured by the lock on a filing cabinet, but with digital transformation, information is now being stored electronically and also on the cloud, increasing its vulnerability to threats.  Information Security is a key issue to many customers as they look to ensure the confidentiality and integrity whilst its under your control. 

ISO 27001 also places importance on the involvement, training, and awareness of employees within your organisation.  Not all data leaks are the result of malicious wrongdoers, information security breaches can also be the result of simple mistakes by employees. ISO 27001 can also help organisation tackle this risk through the participation of various personnel within organisation. The standard involves employees from all business areas (HR, Sales, Production etc) in the information security process, so that all the information within the organisation will be suitably protected. Most employees have access to information that you as a business owner/manager don’t want in the public domain, therefore, you will want all your employees familiar with the information security processes of the business and how they impact on the control of data so you can continue to grow.

As we move in to a digital world, we are seeing many benefits, the flexibility to work effectively from home and the ability to respond to business needs quickly, but we also need to be aware of the risks that arise as a result of this digital world.   

QHSE Aberdeen can assist your organisation to identify and address its information security risks and help your business grow by aiding your achievement of ISO 27001, which will allow your customer and suppliers to have greater confidence in your abilities to manage their information securely.   

QHSE Aberdeen can help your business with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System development, implementation, certification, and continuous maintenance to provide you with that unique selling point to win and retain customers in this very competitive marketplace. 


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Published: 12-11-2020

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