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Re-Gen Robotics

Re-Gen Robotics is the first and only Zone 0 EX certified, remote controlled, ‘No Man Entry’ robotic tank cleaning company, in the UK and Ireland.

Company Profile

We place a high premium on workplace safety and with our Ex-zone rated, state of the art equipment, our workers are not exposed to hazardous confined space environments, including refineries, pharmaceutical plants, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Revolutionising industry safety, we have developed a game changing solution which is unparalleled in terms of safety and delivery.

Our robotic systems cover all aspects of tank cleaning in a range of confined spaces at refineries, pharmaceutical plants and in industrial or agricultural settings. Our robots are suitable for all sizes of tanks including overground, underground, horizontal or vertical tanks.

We offer four main robotic tank cleaning services to a range of companies across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, these include Fixed Roof, Floating Roof, Heavy Fuel Oil and Coned Floor Tank Cleaning.

Our self-contained system includes vacuum, jetting, cranage, and robotics, with nothing extra to hire or buy. Our technical crew remain a safe distance from the tank, operating the cleaning system. Progress is then remotely monitored through a series of ATEX cameras, fixed to the robot.

Our systems also have CCTV recording capability and inbuilt, intelligent reporting facilities to help you understand and respond to what’s happening inside your tanks. These can be easily adapted to provide bespoke solutions for your needs.