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Maersk Training

With 40+ years of experience we increase safety and operational performance in a safe and controlled environment

Company Profile

We believe in improving safety, behaviour and operational performance in the real working environment. And in evaluating and assessing improvements. Simulators may not be relevant in all our training but we aim to involve real-life scenarios wherever possible. Maersk Training leads the way in developing simulators and programmes that move training closer to our clients’ working environment, preparing people for on-site situations. It should be known that it is a basic principle of Maersk Training that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity Today, Maersk Training is an independent business unit with worldwide training facilities open to all companies. A benchmark for the industry “Maersk Training has set the benchmark for other training establishments to aspire to.” This statement was the essence of the evaluation that certified Maersk Training as the first DNV SeaSkill Centre of Excellence by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Maritime training, Oil & Gas training, Wind training, Crane Operations training, Safety training, Security training, Survival training, People Skills training, Leadership Training, Offshore training, On-board Training, Consultancy, and Simulator training