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Opportunities in APAC Region - Online Event (29.04.21 / 9AM GMT+1)

OGV Energy welcomes you to a brand new series of "Opportunities in.." events, focusing on opportunities for the energy supply chain across the world. 

Over the coming months, we will be exploring different geographical regions of the Energy industry and bringing you expert analysis and insight into what these opportunities are and how your company can capitalise on them.

The energy sector is in the midst of one of the largest transitions in its history and with change comes great opportunity, so make sure your company hear from our experts to ensure you have the best information at your fingertips.

For our first event, we will be exploring the expansive range of opportunities that can be found in the APAC region. With help from our expert team of speakers, we will be holding a panel session that will provide an overview of the market and exploring what the future looks like for the Energy sector in this part of the world.

The Asia Pacific region is home to massive 4.3 billion people and has the fastest growing demand for Energy in the world. With the overall Energy demand in Southeast Asia growing by over 80% since 2000, according to the IEA, this represents huge opportunities for companies looking to expand and diversify.

APAC also provides new opportunities in clean energy. Despite 85% of the region still relying on fossil fuels, the mandate for change has been set and outlook for renewables is seen as hugely positive. 

  • Gain an insight into the vast range of opportunities that the APAC region can provide.
  • Find out what projects are taking place in this part of the world.
  • Further your understanding of the Energy sector in the APAC region.
  • Interact with expert speakers on Energy in the APAC region.
  • Network with peers in the Energy industry.
Kevin Liu

Head of Energy Trade, SDI

Based at the British Office in Taipei, Kevin Liu leads Scottish Development International’s Asia Pacific energy trade team, consisting of sector specialists in Beijing, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Perth. They are responsible for promoting Scotland’s world-class project development, engineering and construction services, advanced manufacturing and technology, expert consultancy and training to the Asian energy industry. Kevin is also head of SDI’s operations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Prior to joining SDI, Kevin enjoyed a diverse career, including political risk forecasting for governments, multinationals and financial institutions; exporting European FMCG products to mainland China and Taiwan; heading up sales and marketing for a Scottish whisky distillery startup; and managing Asia Pacific communications and marketing for the UK Department for International Trade.

Dr. Madana Nallappan

Lead Energy Analyst for the Asia Pacific region at the EIC

Dr. Madana Nallappan is involved in research and analysis of market intelligence across all energy sectors in the Asia Pacific region with a particular interest in the “Energy Transition” sectors namely hydrogen. 

Mark Skinner

Managing Director of Scotsbridge Limited

Managing Director of Scotsbridge Limited which has offices in Scotland and Singapore. From June 2017 as a start-up it has been able to assist UK companies realize their potential in the South East Asian – ASEAN region. Scotsbridge have been successful in being able to develop a company that assists its clients develop strategically with regionalisation being a key focus. Prior to this he jointly owned John Bell Pipeline Aberdeen for an extensive part of his working career. Building the company into the largest independent provider of its type in the UK. Internationalization was very much a key driver in growing the business and gained extensive experience and success within North Africa, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan & South East Asia. The energy transition and growth in renewable technologies is already a major focus within ASIAPAC.  

Azman Nasir

Regional Director of EIC Asia Pacific

Azman is responsible for all activities relating to the EIC Kuala Lumpur office. He joined EIC in 2014 to establish the KL Office from scratch. Prior to 2014, EIC APAC was located in Singapore for 14 years. Azman has been instrumental in growing EIC APAC from a relatively unknown organisation outside of Singapore to a recognised body representing UK’s energy supply chain within the Asia Pacific region. Azman has relatively good network with most of the energy players in the region including the UK’s Department of International Trade equivalents, international oil and gas companies, national oil and gas companies, power developers and operators, international manufacturers and consultants operating within the region. 

Prior to joining The EIC, Azman was the Chief Executive of a Malaysian oil and gas company, one of the major fabricators for PETRONAS and a regional shipbuilder.

Gareth Campbell

Regional Manager – Asia Pacific at STATS Group

Gareth Campbell is Regional Manager at STATS Group, for the Asia Pacific region, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His primary focus is the growth and delivery of STATS’ range of pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to enable the safe and efficient maintenance and repair of onshore, topsides and subsea pipeline infrastructure. Gareth has played a key role in supporting STATS’ track record of successful isolation projects and long-term emergency pipeline repair contracts with international operators and contractors.

Prior to relocating to Malaysia, Gareth was Business Development Manager based at STATS global headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previous to joining STATS in 2011 as a contracts engineer, Gareth was a commercial analyst with GE Oil & Gas.

KT Khong

Founder and Director, Elsa Energy Sdn Bhd

Mr Khong is founder and director of Elsa Energy since 2016, a Malaysian based Oil/Gas service company. Prior to Elsa Energy, he was the Chief Operating Officer with one of the leading Public Listed companies in Malaysia. He was Vice President, Asia-Pacific for Roxar AS and served in various senior management positions with Schlumberger, Halliburton, Bakerhughes and Welltec across the region. Today Elsa Energy is one of the leading Malaysia Integrated Energy & Digital Solution provider.  He also served Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE) Kuala Lumpur Chapter as Secretary, Director and Auditors in 2008-2012. Currently as Industry Advisory Panel for a few leading Malaysian Universities. He graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from the University of Technology Malaysia and a has an MBA from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK.